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What are the benefits of hiring a wedding planner?


I don't want to lose control of my own wedding.

In our initial consultation one of the first questions we will ask you is what level of control you want. We are are happy for you to make all the decisions, we can just  make the decision making process a lot easier. We can also make decisions for you if this is what you wish.


How often will I have contact with you, will I be kept up to date?

In your initial consultation we will determine the level of contact you require. We can update you on everything at the time or we can provide daily, weekly, or monthly updates. Obviously contact will increase the closer the wedding day gets. Contact can be via email, telephone or in person, again this depends on your personal wishes.


I want to get married outside  in the UK, is this possible?

This is not currently possible the UK. For a venue to get a license for a civil ceremony in the UK it must be a permanent structure, however there are a few places that have permanent structures that have open walls so it is close to being outside. Please see our venue finding service for more information.


We only have a small budget, can you still help?

We can work with any budget and will adjust our costs accordingly. It is a myth that just the rich and famous use wedding planners, nowadays we are affordable to couples with any budget.  


We have started planning can we still use you?

Yes, we can take over at any stage and adjust our costs accordingly, we can also still try and negotiate discounts with suppliers that you have already booked.


Can I spread the payments?

Most wedding organisation starts a year before the wedding so depending on when you hire us we can invoice you at regular intervals so you do not have to pay the full cost up front. You could also suggest that guests buy you gift vouchers to help pay for the cost, this is a great wedding gift for couples who already have everything.


The venue has a wedding coordinator, why would I need a wedding planner?

You must always check what your venue wedding coordinator is responsible for because you may be surprised that they could go home half way through your wedding or they may not even work on the day of your wedding leaving someone else in charge. We can work alongside your wedding coordinator to ensure that all aspects of your wedding are seamless including anything you have booked in addition to services the venue provide.